Trucking sector sees increasing support for industry mission

More truck drivers are supporting the movement against trafficking.More truck drivers are supporting the movement against trafficking.

An increased amount of truck drivers are coming aboard the industry movement that calls attention to human trafficking, according to a published report.

A larger number of phone calls are coming into the hotline for Truckers Against Trafficking, which is (888)373-7888, Overdrive reports. The efforts targets minors who are involved in prostitution.

The topic also has become more prominent in common conversations amongst drivers of big rigs as of late. On top of the production of training material and instructional videos about the scourge, some drivers have taken the initiative and done their part to contribute to the movement.

"If you're a driver and you have an ounce of empathy in your being, I strongly urge you to join Truckers Against Trafficking," driver Timothy Coon says in a video he created, according to the news source. "Together, we can put a band-aid on this hole that is human trafficking."

Truck drivers are facing healthy industry development these days, which is a trend that is projected to continue in the next several years. According to ONet, the industry is developing as rapidly as 14 percent during the 10-year period leading to 2022.

The effort also includes the production of truck driver-songwriter Tony Justice, who croons about the scourge in a new record that that was released as a component of a partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking.

Coon, who created the powerful video, also brought aboard his employer to help join the fight for justice. He requested that it provide training for drivers regarding trafficking issues and concerns.

The Truckers Against Trafficking organization noted it has made progress fighting the matter on its website.

"We are sending materials out immediately," the organization stated on its Facebook site, according to the news source. "This is the power of the individual trucker who takes the next step in being a TAT! Thank you!"

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